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Start Up Services

We offer a range of services for entrepreneurs at Code City, whether a tech start up or brick and mortar retail shop, we have an experienced team of partners who can help with everything from design and branding to video, web production, business model development & strength coaching, as well as legal services for different business related areas. We also have a network of local institutions and connections with other service providers for other areas of expertise.


Creative Marketing • Business Coaching • Legal Services

video • web • messaging • podcasting • print • design • SEO • growth marketing • coaching

Chris Schooler
Video | Storytelling | Editing |
Nate Walke
Artist | Branding | Web Development |
Brandon Croke
Growth Marketer | SEO | Content | Advertising |
Eric Williams
Certified StrengthsFinder Coach | StoryBrand |
Stuart Bertsch
Start Up Coach | Technologist | Business Model & Implementation Specialist
Diana Patton
Attorney | Civil and Business Legal Services |

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