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Hack Reactor Code City

The Harvard of Coding Bootcamps

Are you interested in learning how to write software, and perhaps someday getting a job creating websites, mobile apps, and video games? Coding bootcamps are the fast path to a career as a software developer, one of today’s most in-demand jobs.

How to get started on your software development career

Code City has partnered with Hack Reactor, one of the top software bootcamps in the nation, to organize a cohort of students in Toledo to take the Hack Reactor Remote Bootcamp Prep class together.
Over a 5 week period, students spend 30 hours a week (nights and weekends) taking an online class to learn how to code. Students attend class together here in Toledo as a cohort, led by a remote Hack Reactor instructor (who is teaching many other students via video conference at the same time). Other students in the Toledo cohort and Code City mentors provide a local community learning environment, helping students work their way through the coding challenges and assessing their own aptitude and interest in coding.
After taking the bootcamp prep class, students will have the option to apply for and test into the “full” Hack Reactor bootcamp, a more immersive, 12-week program where graduates are often hired for jobs as full stack developers.

About the Hack Reactor Remote Prep class

Founded in San Francisco in 2012, Hack Reactor,  considered one of the top coding boot camps in the nation, is often regarded as “The Harvard of Coding Bootcamps”.  Hack Reactor does not just teach students how to program, it teaches them how to think like an engineer. It has helped over 3,000 graduates of their 12 week immersive bootcamp become full stack developers.  Hack Reactor graduates have gone on to work for places like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, NASA, Adobe, LinkedIn, Udacity and PayPal.
The Toledo program is Hack Reactor’s pilot in the midwest and Code City is facilitating it.
The class is called a Structured Study Program.
* The first part of the course covers JavaScript fundamentals: how to write basic functions, conditionals, iteration, and how to traverse nested data structures.
* The second part of the course covers some Computer Science fundamentals, higher order functions, recursion, and how to build a basic web application.
Learn more about  Hack Reactor’s Structured Study Program  including what a typical day of class is like, the types of tests and quizzes, and how students get help from the instructor.

About the Toledo program

* When: July 3 – August 6, 3 hours in the evening Monday – Thursday (9pm – midnight), 9 hours Saturday & Sunday (1pm – 10pm)
* Where: The University of Toledo’s Nitschke Technology Commercialization Complex, 1510 N. Westwood Ave. Toledo. Ohio 43606.
* Cost: $250
* What you will need: A laptop and the ability to get to the class location each day


Interested? Join us!
If you are sure you want to attend the class starting on July 3rd, register for Hack Reactor’s Structured Study Program here.
You will also need to apply on the  Hack Reactor site here… 201707ssp-codecity We can help you with the process.