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Whether you’re starting a new business, looking to train for a new career, or meet other people to collaborate with, Code City has created a space that spurs innovation. We bring people of diverse backgrounds together to spark ideas, mentor, and inspire each other…graphic designers and engineers, software developers and accountants, students and experienced business owners. And we’ve created a network of connections to guide you to the areas of specialty you need.

Unleashing the entrepreneur in everyone.

We are a collaborative space that spurs innovation. A place where entrepreneurs, artists, tech enthusiasts and mentors come together to build new things. Whether a new piece of software, a new invention, or a brick and mortar retail shop, Code City is a place where you’ll find the people and tools to help you make the best of opportunities. Social events, bootcamps, workshops, hackathons, book coaching, film…if people are passionate about it you’ll find it here.

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It Starts With You

Enter your email and watch one of our leadership coaches, Bill Roman (Licensed Clinical Counselor, Life Coach, and founder of Crucible Life Resources) give a talk that can help us deal with difficult people. Whether in professional or personal life, Bill shares valuable insights to help you navigate tough situations in “It Starts With You.”

Code City gave me the opportunity to mentor others learning to code (sharpening my own coding skills) and connected me to a leading software engineering firm where I was able to build a relationship and was subsequently hired as a developer. 

  • Josiah Dudzik, Software Engineer

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Xcode, Swift, Apple’s AR Kit


Android Studio, Java, XML, Google Play.


C#, Visual Studio.

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